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Sky Technologies cited by USPTO for Outstanding Service Quality

At the conclusion of our first one-year prime contract to provide Development, Modernization, and Enhancement services to the Patent Trials and Appeals Board (PTAB), Sky Technologies has been accorded a positive performance assessment in all contract aspects, highlighted by a rating of “Exceptional” in the quality of the product delivered.   The formal evaluation acknowledges that Sky’s execution of the Agile DevSecOps processes to extend the features and functionality of PTAB’s core case management product frequently exceeded the expectations of the business unit.


The government evaluators referred to the substantial value delivered by Sky in terms of the resiliency of the system architecture, embracing the input of the user constituencies and providing for future extensibility achieved by integrating the flexibility to accommodate organizational changes.  Emphasis was also placed on the fact that throughout the development effort the real-time system users experienced no interruption or degradation of operability.


Sky Technologies sincerely appreciates the recognition for our efforts. Moreover, we are grateful for the many opportunities—past, current and future—to partner with the US Patent & Trademark Office as beneficiaries of their demonstrated commitment to support small business participation in critical product development efforts.  #USPTO, #SmallBusinessInitiative

Our Services

We are Business Analysts, Architects, and Engineers, ready to implement your vision and exceed your expectations. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Sky Technologies LLC provides Information Technology (IT) services in our core areas of expertise.

Sky Technologies LLC was founded in February 2006 and based in the Washington DC metropolitan area. We are a Small, 8(A) and Minority-owned business that provides Information Technology (IT) services to government agencies and commercial customers. 

IT Consulting & Services

Cloud Computing

Our architects can help you develop an efficient cloud platform that meets the demands of your users and applications.

AI and Machine Learning

We use Apache OPEN NLP, Standford NLP, and others to help develop solutions for your AI related needs.

Content Management

We develop a generic content management API which provides a Generic Interface to store, fetch, and delete content.

Agile DevOps

We bring DevOps best practices to every project, collaborating closely with your teams to create and build beautiful software that realizes your vision.

Application Modernization Services

Our Application Modernization services take a comprehensive, total lifecycle approach.

Agile Engineering

We employ agile processes that show scalable results quickly, adapt to user needs.

Enterprise Search

We have built solutions at USPTO using our expertise in Solr and Elastic search.

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